digital product download URL

The customer can make payments via Paypal account created through a pay link button. A customer can conveniently buy any kind of product that he/she desires with the help of a simple product code and a digital product download URL.

o Try to ensure complete customer ease with regard to the payment method and accept payments in all modes like bank transfers, credit cards and debit cards.

o Make efforts to integrate credit card payment methods into with the customer ordering so that the customer can conveniently Ulearndeals choose any product to his shopping cart and easily make payments. This kind of a payment method will help all the customers in making payments without any hassles and also in a safer way without the risk of any credit card theft.

In an online digital marketing scenario, Click2Sell.EU ( is an online affiliate marketing network that allows you to sell your digital products online. You can start selling in just few minutes and accept payments instantly. Run your affiliate program, recruit affiliates. Affiliates can easily help your business grow and sell your downloads for you, so it’s a great way not only to earn money from your own sales, but also this way you would be able to increase your profits at no cost – with a help of affiliates.


You can work on compiling information on each question in a separate eBook or report, this allows people
to sort more effectively through the information.

Finally, promote through free offers, if you offer something for free people are much more likely to want it, even if you include a link to a product for them to buy in the freebie. This way people will read your information and if it is good they will trust you so are more likely to buy the product you have referred.

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