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For those desiring rapid weight loss programs there are many diet plans that will help one lose as much as 10 pounds instantly. These diet plans however are appropriate for the short run and should not be used as long term solutions to the weight loss problem.

Some of these diet plans:

These days there are so many diet plans that promise easy and fast weight loss and the choice to be made will depend upon the amount of money one has and the convenience one desires among other factors.

Some rapid weight loss diet plans will need some cash rapid cash as the program may involve buying some books, some special recipes and maybe getting into short term training. The Scarsdale diet plan is one of those programs that will require cash as it involves cooking using special menus which may require the purchase of varied ingredients and this will of course cost money. However there is the low cost Scarsdale diet plan that is budget friendly. Scarsdale plans require sacrifice as they involve enduring hunger pangs. Another budget friendly instant weight loss dieting plan is the cabbage soup plan.

The cabbage soup is a popular diet that has been used by many to lose weight within very short periods of time. To lose weight in the cabbage soup plan, one should drink as much cabbage soup as possible as it is a soup that burns fat. The soup can be taken in unlimited amounts and the more it is taken the more one loses weight. With the cabbage soup plan one can lose as much as 15 pounds in a period of 1 week. However the gains made are temporary and to achieve more permanent results one should opt for diet plans that have more combination’s of interesting foods than merely cabbage soup.

The lemonade diet is also another diet plan used to lose weight over short periods of time. The lemonade diet is actually one of the easiest diet plans that involve the least preparing. This plan involves going in a diet of lemon in a sought of juice fast. The results of the lemonade plan are instant; weight lost within short periods of time and additionally one’s body system is cleansed from harmful substances. One needs to have willpower of steel to succeed in this program as it involves perseverance and endurance.

Instructions and Information:

Before being engaged in any rapid weight loss plan one should make sure he is armed with all the instructions and information of what the program entails. Information to be acquired includes: the number of days the program will last, the ingredients needed for the program and the number of days one should wait for to begin seeing results.

It is very important to visit a doctor so that all checks can be done in your body to determine if you are fit for a particular program. Incase the doctor concludes you are fit for a program he will then give you instructions on how to carry out the program.

In conclusion, rapid weight loss programs are the programs that will enable a person to lose as much as 15 pounds in just 7 days. However these programs should be done under the supervision and instruction of a doctor to avoid occurrence of fatal accidents.

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