business cards and marketing materials

It’s finally time to throw away your business cards and marketing materials and print new ones with QR or EZ codes on them. 2011 will be the age of the code as it is already sweeping through various industries it is only a matter of time before it becomes common knowledge and losses its marketing power.
A few years ago I received an interesting business card from a friend with a strange bar-code symbol on it. Curious about the design I asked my Japanese friend what the strange bar-code symbol translated in English meant. He laughed and said that is not a Japanese character or sentence it is actually a bar-code with all my contact information on it which my friends and business partners can scan into there phones. I was really surprised and he then took out his mobile phone and scanned the business card to demonstrate how it worked. It was incredibly fast and easy to scan and his contact information appeared instantly. I remember holding onto that business card with fascination. I even went around and showed it to everyone whom I came across as if I just found the secret mobile marketing technology.

Needless to say I was impressed and did some researched about QR Codes at that time, but In America we are always behind the curve in terms of brand new technology, so I left my fascination aside and didn’t implement the QR codes in my marketing. The United States wasn’t ready to implement the new technology and it wasn’t as easy to create and read the QR codes as it is today.

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